The 3rd Eye for Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance Spiritual Guidance for those who Walk a Dedicated Path of Conscious Evolution MEET SHIVANTI$5 Mini Reading
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics of Bio-Energetic Matrix
  • Life Changing Information
  • Powerful Transformational Process
  • Aligns with those on Conscious Evolution & Ascension Journey

The Spiritual MRI provides you with a complete scan of your bio-energetic matrix to see what imprints are currently affecting your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies. Shivanti will dive deeply into your entire etheric field to SEE what is happening on all the various dimensional levels of your being. This intensive session takes several weeks to complete and includes the following:

Chakra Reading • Aura Portrait • Pastlife Reading • Spiritual Guidance • Shamanic Journeying • DNA Activation • Vibrational Healing